Welcome to the world of OGBears, a blockchain-powered animal metaverse game built on the Cardano blockchain. Explore a beautiful island filled with diverse bear species, each with its own unique personality and traits.

A complete P2E ecosystem that allows players to play multiple mini games and accumulate $SALMON. Gain valuable experience points and advance further to unlock more games and rewards.

Play2Earn Ecosystem

We have carefully designed a game economy that rewards the players with a custom token called $SALMON. There are ways to spend and earn this token in a mini-game based p2e ecosystem.

Passive Income

Own businesses (e.g arcade shop, cafe etc.) in the game to start earning passive income whenever other players complete games and tasks. Other players will need to avail your services in order to progress.

A vibrant community

We have an amazing community of players and investors who have carried the project from the past one year or so. Join the community and be a part of the OGVerse.

Interoperability/Multiple Projects

We are collaborating with multiple different projects to be a part of our gaming ecosystem. We plan to include interoperability across different chains.

Multiple Rewards

In addition to accumulating $salmon, top players will also be periodically rewarded different in-game and physical rewards/merchandise.

Mobile Compatibility

The games are all available on the mobile platform (Appstore and Google Play). Simply download, connect your wallet and start playing as your OG Bear.

Traits of the OGBears collection

Thee bears are divided into 6 major traits. These are Brown, Black, Polar(Male), Polar(Female), Zombie and Icy. There are three different Islands for these bears to play their games in.

Brown Bear

Rarity: 61.65%

Black Bear

Rarity: 19.53%

Polar Bear (Male)

Rarity: 9.06%

Polar Bear (Female)

Rarity: 5.06%





Become a part of the OGs!

The OGBears project is not just about owning unique digital assets or playing games; it is also about being part of a vibrant and supportive community. By joining the community, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share your passion for games and engage in exciting discussions and activities.

By being a part of the OGBears community, you can help to shape the future of the project, provide feedback and suggestions, and play a critical role in its success. Furthermore, you can enjoy exclusive access to events, rewards, and other perks that are only available to members of the community.

Meet our hardworking team

Our team of expert game developers and blockchain experts with more than 40 years of combined experience. This team, along with our amazing community has been the backbone and driving force for our project.

Baba Bear

Founder & CTO

Mama Bear


Alina Bear

3D Artist


Environment Artist


Game Developer

Baby Bear

Game Developer

If you need to know anything, just ask us!

As the story goes, human kind survived many different challenges but ultimately lost the battle of survival due to their own mistakes i.e. global warming and climate change. Climate change caused natural disasters that wiped off the entire planet but a few species (read: bears) survived and evolved over time to become the intelligent kind that we see today.

OGVerse is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) in which the players will be able to enter a completely different world(s) and will be able to play and earn digital assets/tokens. The OGVerse is divided into different worlds - Each world is specific to one particular project. The first world is that of OGBears.

Play2Earn concept has emerged due to the power of blockchain.
It refers to games that allow users to play and accumulate digital blockchain assets that can be traded and have a real value.
OGVerse will be a Play2Earn metaverse with its own economy and monetization. There will be numerous ways for players to earn the game currency/token ($SALMON).
$SALMON will be a native digital cryptographically secured fungible token. It will be integrated in trading platforms like SundaeSwap, MuesliSwap and others.

The ways of earning $SALMON will include but are not limited to:
• Playing Mini Games
• Owning Land/Business
• Achievements and Experience Points
• Ingame Marketplace

It is a post apocalyptic world set years after climate change wiped off the human race from Earth - bears have now evolved into intelligent humanoid creatures.

This world is called “Bearth” The player will be able to join and take control of their bears (avatars) in a virtual environment. They will be able to interact with other players, complete many different engaging mini games, enjoy social features and earn currency/token that will have real value.

After the destruction caused by climate change, the earth which is now known as Bearth was divided into three distinct islands. The Grizzly Island is at the center of the Bearth and is home to the Brown (Grizzly) Bears and the Black Bears.

There is chaos on this island and the bears are in a continuous state of war. The Polar Island is situated on the north and is home to friendly, happy, polar bears who are enjoying life to the maximum. There is another Island (White Mountains), which is home to an army of the dead. As the myth goes, an army of paranormal bears is preparing to conquer Bearth. Each Island has its own set of challenges and every bear is living his own “life” in the OGVerse.

The OGBears are of the following types: - Grizzly Bears, - Black Bears, - Polar Bears (Male), - Polar Bears (Female), - Zombie Bears, - Icy Bears

We have taken a very unique strategy for the project and will implement it in different stages as mentioned in the development section of this whitepaper. The uniqueness of the project is that we want "everyone to play" whether they own a bear or not. In order to that, we will create two versions of the game.

1. Freemium Mobile Game
2. Play 2 Earn Metaverse Game for PC and Mobile

The freemium mobile game will be marketed as a separate project to regular mobile users, even though the missions, mini games, story and game play elements will be similar.
It will be balanced and monetized in the traditional methods using inApps and Ads. Data will be stored on the cloud instead of blockchain.
The reasons for taking this approach are as follows:

• Mobile games market is a 13 billion USD industry
• P2E/Metaverse/NFTs/Blockchain is still a new concept which regular mobile users are not familiar of.
• Revenue generation from inApps/Ads of this game will be transferred and used in the P2E metaverse game

This approach gives us access to a broader market while still keeping our focus on the P2E Metaverse Game. Our development will be for P2E first as mentioned in the roadmap.

The actual OGVerse game will be developed for mobile (iOS/Android) and the PC platform. There are two types of players of the game:

1. Player Characters
2. Land/Business owners
Anyone who "owns" a bear will be able to enter the metaverse with their bear as their in-game player character and play the complete game.

This includes controlling their character and moving him around, playing mini games, missions, interacting with others etc.

The other type of players are land/business owners. They will not be able to control a character in the game, but will be able to enter the metaverse and see in and around their land/business.

Their gameplay will be limited to upgrading their business, viewing their sales, setting prices, accessing the marketplace etc.

Experience points will be rewarded to the player from time to time in the game.
These can be for completing mini games, missions, interacting with other players, playing the game, earning a certain number of $SALMON, achieving different milestones etc.

These experience points will determine the rank of the user in the game. Every user will start from RANK #1. There will be certain titles, badges, bonus mini games and rewards associated with every rank.

As the user gains more and more experience points, his rank in the game will increase.

The benefit of owning land and business is "passive income" for the user.
If you are a land owner and also a player character, then your player character will always spawn on your land and will also not need to buy/ rent a place to live.

Player characters will always need to make use of these shops from time to time in order to progress in the game.
This will maintain and grow the economy of the game.

As a business owner, you will be able to set prices of items, change the billboard of your shop (only those who own the complete business), and generate revenue while you don't play the game even.

The token will be launched on the Cardano blockchain.

It will be a native Cardano coin which will be transferable in the cryptocurrency ecosystem as well as within the game.
The benefit of introducing this token is to enable the play2earn feature which is the main part of our metaverse.
This token does not in any way represent any shareholding, participation or ownership in the company or the game.

The ways of earning the token have already been mentioned. These include but are not limited to:
  • • Playing Mini Games
  • • Exploring the Islands
  • • Running a business
  • • Owning a land parcel
  • • Selling inventory items in the marketplace
  • • Achievements and Rewards

The coins will be "traded" in the game in exchange of different services and products from different "businesses" which will form the basis of the game economy.

These $Salmon will be fungible blockchain based tokens. Hence, they will be transferable outside the game on any exchange, marketplace, game that accepts the token as their form of currency.
We have collaborated with some of the great projects out there!
initializing ogverse...